Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs):

Multipurpose prevention technologies, or MPTs, are products designed to simultaneously prevent HIV, other STIs, and/or unintended pregnancy. Although condoms are the only MPT currently available, our global learning network is advancing the MPT field to realize a suite of products that will address women’s diverse needs and preferences.

Global Health & Social Impact

With MPTs we aim to:

  • Reduce unintended pregnancy
  • Reduce STIs including HIV
  • Reduce costs associated with infections and treatment
  • Reduce maternal mortality
  • Increase educational attainment
  • Improve the health of women and families

MPT Action Areas

We conduct critical assessments of gaps and priorities in the field with input from key stakeholders. Learn more!

MPT Product Database

Our database includes information on indications, stage of development, and other product details. Explore MPTs in development!