Women in the U.S. and around the world continue to face unacceptably high rates of unintended pregnancy, along with high rates of HIV and other STIs that can cause infertility and cancer when left untreated. You can help improve maternal health this Mother’s Day by contributing to the IMPT, the international Initiative for MPTs (IMPT), which is leading the way for development and access to combination prevention options that can give women better protection.

MPTs, Multipurpose Prevention Technologies, are products that simultaneously protect against multiple risks, such as unintended pregnancy, HIV and other STIs. MPTs currently under development include vaginal rings, gels, and fast dissolving films and tablets; injectables; and other novel technologies, such as nanofibers and plantibodies. These new methods of sexual and reproductive health prevention are the most promising innovations on the horizon that can reduce the rates of HIV rates and other STIs, while allowing women to plan and space pregnancies.

When women can plan and space births and stay HIV and STI free, there are a host of health benefits, including reduced:

  • Maternal mortality and morbidity
  • High risk and premature birth
  • Under 5 mortality
  • HIV rates for women
  • Infertility and cancers from untreated STIs
  • Mother to child transmission of HIV
  • Unsafe abortion

This Mother’s Day, share the news about MPTs and please consider a donation to the IMPT Secretariat in your mother’s (or daughter’s) name.