Imagine a world where women are empowered to live their lives freely and to their full potential, regardless of their stage of life, lifestyle, or socioeconomic standing. Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs)—products designed to simultaneously prevent HIV, other STIs, and/or unintended pregnancy—will expand women’s choices for effective, reversible prevention options that suit their needs and lifestyles. There are many ways that you can get involved in this work to help us realize this vision.

Your donation will help to accelerate the global MPT movement to ensure that women’s reproductive health products are a policy and investment priority. Your contributions will help sustain our activities as listed here. Learn more at the link.

Partner With Us

From engaging with our global learning network to collaborating with our team on a technical project to participating in our “With an MPT I Can” advocacy campaign, our team looks forward to building on existing collaborations and forging new partnerships. Contact us if you’re interested in partnering.