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Dual Prevention Pill: Market Preparation and Introduction Strategy

AVAC, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Mann Global Health & Children's Investment Fund Foundation. June 2024
Innovative Drug Delivery Platforms for MPTs & Beyond

Innovative Drug Delivery Platforms for MPTs & Beyond

The IMPT, Alessandro Grattoni, Patrick Stayton, Oleh Taratula, Kevin McHugh, Clara Soh, Bethany Young Holt May 2024

Vagina, a promising route for drug delivery

Yang, Z., Wu, X., Wang, H., Zhou, J., Lin, X. and Yang, P. March 2024

Estimating the costs and perceived benefits of oral preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) delivery in ten counties of Kenya: A costing and a contingent valuation study

Forsythe, S., Kioko, U., Mahiane, G., Glaubius, R., Musau, A., Gichangi, A., Reed, J. and Were, D. February 2024
If you build it, will they come? Incorporating  end-user needs into MPT research

If you build it, will they come? Incorporating end-user needs into MPT research

The IMPT, Rosalind King, Teri Senn, Clara Soh, Bethany Young Holt January 2024
Word on the Street: Kenyan Women Share Their Reproductive Health Stories

Word on the Street: Kenyan Women Share Their Reproductive Health Stories

Developed by CAMI Health, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Union Movie Works, and Blackwell Films. Supported by a ViiV Healthcare Positive Action Programme grant. January 2024

Factors influencing the uptake of a mono-PrEP implant for the prevention of HIV: Males’ perspectives from three South African provinces

Mthimkhulu, N., Chidumwa, G., Kutywayo, A., Mataboge, P., Martin, C.E., Kwatsha, K., Makalela, N., Mazibuko, M., Butler, V. and Mullick, S. January 2024

Novel Drug Delivery System for Rectal and Vaginal Targets

Shaima, K.A., Mishra, A., Babu, M.A., Jangra, S. and Sindhu, R.K. January 2024

Assessing Per-Sex-Act HIV-1 Risk Reduction Among Women Using the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring

Stalter, R.M., Dong, T.Q., Hendrix, C.W., Palanee-Phillips, T., van der Straten, A., Hillier, S.L., Kiweewa, F.M., Mgodi, N.M., Marzinke, M.A., Bekker, L.G. and Soto-Torres, L. December 2023

HIV epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and implementation strategies for public health

Mody, A., Sohn, A. H., Iwuji, C., Tan, R. K., Venter, F., & Geng, E. H. November 2023

Common ground: the opportunity of male contraceptives as MPTs

Vahdat, H. L., & Nickels, L. M. November 2023

Reversible female contraceptives: historical, current, and future perspectives

Barton, B.E., Erickson, J.A., Allred, S.I., Jeffries, J.M., Stephens, K.K., Hunter, M.I., Woodall, K.A. and Winuthayanon, W. November 2023

The Potential of Films as Transmucosal Drug Delivery Systems

de Carvalho, A.C.W., Paiva, N.F., Demonari, I.K., Duarte, M.P.F., do Couto, R.O., de Freitas, O. and Vicentini, F.T.M.D.C. November 2023

Turning the promise of multipurpose prevention technologies into a market reality: a commentary

Dam, A., Schueller, J., Peine, K.J., Mason, J., Dorward, E. and Vij, A. November 2023

US Women’s Preferences, Acceptability and User Experiences with Three Different Intravaginal Rings Varying in External Diameter: A Qualitative Study

Sales, M ; Shetty, S ; Nguyen, M ; Pitsoulakis, E ; Kalifa, N ; Atrio, J ; Sant’Anna Marinho, C ; Bruce, I ; Haddad, L ; Friedland, BA November 2023

Long-acting injectable multipurpose prevention technology for prevention of HIV and unplanned pregnancy

Young, IC ; Pallerla, A ; Cottrell, ML ; Maturavongsadit, P ; Prasher, A ; Shrivastava, R ; De La Cruz, G ; Montgomery, SA ; Schauer, A ; Sykes, C ; Kashuba, ADM ; Benhabbour, SR November 2023

Efficient regulatory approval of two novel HIV prevention interventions in a resource-limited setting: experiences from Zimbabwe

Murombedzi, C., Chirinda, L., Chareka, G. T., Chirenje, Z. M., & Mgodi, N. M. November 2023

Non-Hormonal Approaches to Male Contraception

Blithe, D.L. and Lee, M.S. October 2023

An update on long-acting agents in HIV therapy

Pezzati, L., Canavesi, G. and Rusconi, S. October 2023

Preferences, educational messaging, and demand creation channels for multipurpose-prevention technologies (MPTs) among women in South Africa

Mataboge, P., Mthimkhulu, N., Kutywayo, A., Martin, C.E., Mazibuko, M., Kwatsha, K., Makalela, N., Briedenhann, E., Butler, V., Bothma, R. and Mullick, S. October 2023

Nanomaterials Solutions for Contraception: Concerns, Advances, and Prospects

Su, Z., Diao, T., McGuire, H., Yao, C., Yang, L., Bao, G., Xu, X., He, B. and Zheng, Y. October 2023

Measuring Effects of Counseling to Increase Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Adherence and Partner Support in South Africa Using the Healthy Relationship Assessment Tool

Zissette, S., Tolley, E.E., Martinez, A., Roberts, S.T., Palanee-Phillips, T. and Montgomery, E.T. October 2023

Next generation 3D-printed intravaginal ring for prevention of HIV and unintended pregnancy

Young, I.C., Srinivasan, P., Shrivastava, R., Janusziewicz, R., Thorson, A., Cottrell, M.L., Sellers, R.S., Sykes, C., Schauer, A., Little, D. and Kelley, K. October 2023

pH-triggered polymeric nanoparticles in gel for preventing vaginal transmission of HIV and unintended pregnancy

Fernandes, T., Patel, V., Aranha, C., Velhal, S., Momin, M., Mulkutkar, M. and Sawarkar, S. October 2023

Challenges and Solutions to STI Control in the Era of HIV and STI Prophylaxis

Mogaka, F.O.E., Stewart, J., Omollo, V. and Bukusi, E. September 2023
Diversifying Funding Streams for MPT R&D

Diversifying Funding Streams for MPT R&D

The IMPT, Daniel Johnston, Ben Light, Diana Torgersen, Jenny Yip, Clara Soh, Bethany Young Holt September 2023

Monoclonal War: The Antibody Arsenal and Targets for Expanded Application

Rosenn, E.H., Benhaim, M., Siegel, A., Stein, D.A., Leonard, J.S., Katcher, E., Halperin, D. and Mostel, Z. September 2023

Contraceptive and Infertility Target DataBase: a contraceptive drug development tool for targeting and analysis of human reproductive specific tissues

Sinha, S., Knapp, M., Pywtorak, J., McCain, G., Wingerden, K., VanDervoort, C., Gondek, J.M., Madrid, P., Parman, T., Gerrard, S. and Long, J.E. September 2023

Attitudes Toward Menstrual Suppression Among Cyclic and Continuous Contraceptive Vaginal Ring Users in Kenya

Walker, K.W., Mugo, N., Ngure, K., Gakuo, S., Casmir, E., Wiener, H., Long, D., Shrestha, S. and Marrazzo, J. September 2023
Fundamentals of HIV Medicine 2023

Fundamentals of HIV Medicine 2023

Hardy & The American Academy of HIV Medicine September 2023

Tenofovir vaginal film as a potential MPT product against HIV-1 and HSV-2 acquisition: formulation development and preclinical assessment in non-human primates

Patel, S.K., Agashe, H., Patton, D.L., Sweeney, Y., Beamer, M.A., Hendrix, C.W., Hillier, S.L. and Rohan, L.C. August 2023

New HIV prevention approaches: promise, praxis, and pitfalls

Mayer, K.H., Phanuphak, N., Mgodi, N. and Grinsztejn, B. July 2023

Systematic review of the values and preferences regarding the use of injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV acquisition

Lorenzetti, L., Dinh, N., van der Straten, A., Fonner, V., Ridgeway, K., Rodolph, M., Schaefer, R., Schmidt, H.M.A. and Baggaley, R. July 2023

Uptake of a patient-centred dynamic choice model for HIV prevention in rural Kenya and Uganda: SEARCH SAPPHIRE study

Kabami, J., Kakande, E., Chamie, G., Balzer, L.B., Petersen, M.L., Camlin, C.S., Nyabuti, M., Koss, C.A., Bukusi, E.A., Kamya, M.R. and Havlir, D.V. July 2023

Participant experiences with a multipurpose vaginal ring for HIV and pregnancy prevention during a phase 1 clinical trial: learning from users to improve acceptability

Shapley-Quinn, M.K., Song, M., Chen, B.A., Devlin, B., Luecke, E., Brown, J., Blithe, D.L., Achilles, S.L. and Van Der Straten, A. July 2023

Strategic actions to advance multipurpose prevention technologies in low- and middle-income countries

Holt, B.Y., van der Straten, A., Barker, T., Chirenje, Z.M., Cameron, A.I., Scott, C., Casas, C.P. and Romano, J. July 2023

Baseline preferences for oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or dapivirine intravaginal ring for HIV prevention among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe (MTN-034/IPM-045 study)

Ngure, K., Friedland, B.A., Szydlo, D.W., Roberts, S.T., Garcia, M., Levy, L., Akello, C.A., Reddy, K., Palanee-Phillips, T., Macdonald, P. and Siziba, B. June 2023