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Common ground: the opportunity of male contraceptives as MPTs

Vahdat, H. L., & Nickels, L. M. November 2023

Turning the promise of multipurpose prevention technologies into a market reality: a commentary

Dam, A., Schueller, J., Peine, K.J., Mason, J., Dorward, E. and Vij, A. November 2023

US Women’s Preferences, Acceptability and User Experiences with Three Different Intravaginal Rings Varying in External Diameter: A Qualitative Study

Sales, M ; Shetty, S ; Nguyen, M ; Pitsoulakis, E ; Kalifa, N ; Atrio, J ; Sant’Anna Marinho, C ; Bruce, I ; Haddad, L ; Friedland, BA November 2023

Long-acting injectable multipurpose prevention technology for prevention of HIV and unplanned pregnancy

Young, IC ; Pallerla, A ; Cottrell, ML ; Maturavongsadit, P ; Prasher, A ; Shrivastava, R ; De La Cruz, G ; Montgomery, SA ; Schauer, A ; Sykes, C ; Kashuba, ADM ; Benhabbour, SR November 2023

Preferences, educational messaging, and demand creation channels for multipurpose-prevention technologies (MPTs) among women in South Africa

Mataboge, P., Mthimkhulu, N., Kutywayo, A., Martin, C.E., Mazibuko, M., Kwatsha, K., Makalela, N., Briedenhann, E., Butler, V., Bothma, R. and Mullick, S. October 2023

Next generation 3D-printed intravaginal ring for prevention of HIV and unintended pregnancy

Young, I.C., Srinivasan, P., Shrivastava, R., Janusziewicz, R., Thorson, A., Cottrell, M.L., Sellers, R.S., Sykes, C., Schauer, A., Little, D. and Kelley, K. October 2023

pH-triggered polymeric nanoparticles in gel for preventing vaginal transmission of HIV and unintended pregnancy

Fernandes, T., Patel, V., Aranha, C., Velhal, S., Momin, M., Mulkutkar, M. and Sawarkar, S. October 2023

Tenofovir vaginal film as a potential MPT product against HIV-1 and HSV-2 acquisition: formulation development and preclinical assessment in non-human primates

Patel, S.K., Agashe, H., Patton, D.L., Sweeney, Y., Beamer, M.A., Hendrix, C.W., Hillier, S.L. and Rohan, L.C. August 2023

Participant experiences with a multipurpose vaginal ring for HIV and pregnancy prevention during a phase 1 clinical trial: learning from users to improve acceptability

Shapley-Quinn, M.K., Song, M., Chen, B.A., Devlin, B., Luecke, E., Brown, J., Blithe, D.L., Achilles, S.L. and Van Der Straten, A. July 2023

Strategic actions to advance multipurpose prevention technologies in low- and middle-income countries

Holt, B.Y., van der Straten, A., Barker, T., Chirenje, Z.M., Cameron, A.I., Scott, C., Casas, C.P. and Romano, J. July 2023

Safety of multiple administrations of spermicidal LL-37 antimicrobial peptide into the mouse female reproductive tract

Lee, S.G., Kiattiburut, W., Burke Schinkel, S.C., Angel, J. and Tanphaichitr, N. June 2023

Randomized controlled phase IIa clinical trial of safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of tenofovir and tenofovir plus levonorgestrel releasing intravaginal rings used by women in Kenya

Mugo, N.R., Mudhune, V., Heffron, R., Thomas, K.K., McLellan-Lemal, E., Njoroge, B., Peacock, S., O’Connor, S.M., Nyagol, B., Ouma, E. and Ridzon, R. June 2023

Synthesis of end-user research to inform future multipurpose prevention technologies in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping review

Bhushan, N.L., Ridgeway, K., Luecke, E.H., Palanee-Phillips, T., Montgomery, E.T. and Minnis, A.M. May 2023

A Brief History and Advancement of Contraceptive Multipurpose Prevention Technology (cMPT) Products

Dohadwala, S., Politch, J.A., Barmine, J.H. and Anderson, D.J. May 2023

Equipping providers to offer novel MPTs: Developing counseling messages for the Dual Prevention Pill in clinical studies and beyond

Segal, K., Harris, D.M., Carmone, A., Haddad, L.B., Hadigal, S., Hatzold, K., Jones, C., Lathrop, E., Mason, J. and Mikulich, M. May 2023

Cost-effectiveness of the dual prevention pill for contraception and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis

Milali, M.P., Resar, D., Kaftan, D., Campbell, J., Olowu, A., Edwards, D., Platais, I., Kim, H.Y., Jenkins, S. and Bershteyn, A. May 2023

Preferred product attributes of a multipurpose vaginal ring: Findings from a phase 1 trial

Tolley, E.E., Hanif, H., Thurman, A., Brache, V. and Doncel, G.F. March 2023

Women Want Choices: Opinions from the Share.Learn.Shape Global Internet Survey About Multipurpose Prevention Technology (MPT) Products in Development

Friedland, B.A., Plagianos, M., Savel, C., Kallianes, V., Martinez, C., Begg, L., Guthrie, K.M., Venkatasetty, D., Pickett, J. and Haddad, L.B. March 2023

Acceptability of an intravaginal ring for simultaneously preventing HIV infection and pregnancy: Qualitative findings of the Kisumu Combined Ring Study, 2019

McLellan-Lemal, E., Deaton, S.R., Betts, J.E., Ondenge, K., Mudhune, V., O'Connor, S.M., Nyagol, B., Thurman, A.R., Doncel, G.F., Allen, S.A. and Heffron, R. November 2022

Randomized, placebo controlled phase I trial of the safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and acceptability of a 90 day tenofovir plus levonorgestrel vaginal ring used continuously or cyclically in women: The CONRAD 138 study.

Thurman, A.R., Brache, V., Cochon, L., Ouattara, L.A., Chandra, N., Jacot, T., Yousefieh, N., Clark, M.R., Peet, M., Hanif, H. and Schwartz, J.L. October 2022

Reservoir-Style Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems: Empirical and Predictive Models for Implant Design

Li, L., Lee, C., Cruz, D.F., Krovi, S.A., Hudgens, M.G., Cottrell, M.L. and Johnson, L.M. October 2022

Acceptability of a Long-Acting, Multipurpose Vaginal Ring: Findings from a Phase I Trial in the U.S. and Dominican Republic

Tolley, E.E., Zissette, S., Taylor, J., Hanif, H., Ju, S., Schwarz, J., Thurman, A., Tyner, D., Brache, V. and Doncel, G.F. September 2022

17BIPHE2, an engineered cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide with low susceptibility to proteases, is an effective spermicide and microbicide against Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Lee, S.G., Kiattiburut, W., Khongkha, T., Schinkel, S.C.B., Lunn, Y., Decker, A.P., Mohammadi, A., Vera-Cruz, A., Misra, A., Angel, J.B. and Anderson, D.J. September 2022

Acceptability of PC-1005 Gel Administered Rectally to HIV-1 Seronegative Adults at Three Different Volume Levels (MTN-037)

Bauermeister, J.A., Tingler, R.C., Ho, K., Scheckter, R., McClure, T., Davis, J., Piper, J., Friedland, B.A., Edick, S., Song, M. and Jiao, Y. August 2022

Couples’ decision making regarding the use of multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) for pregnancy and HIV prevention

Stoner, M.C., Browne, E.N., Etima, J., Musara, P., Hartmann, M., Shapley-Quinn, M.K., Kemigisha, D., Mutero, P., Mgodi, N.M., Nakabiito, C. and Bhushan, N.L. July 2022

Couples’ Preferences for “2 in 1” Multipurpose Prevention Technologies to Prevent Both HIV and Pregnancy: Results of a Discrete Choice Experiment in Uganda and Zimbabwe

Minnis, A.M., Etima, J., Musara, P., Browne, E.N., Mutero, P., Kemigisha, D., Mgodi, N.M., Nakabiito, C., Shapley-Quinn, M.K., Stoner, M.C. and Hartmann, M. June 2022

Preferences for Multipurpose Technology and Non-oral Methods of Antiretroviral Therapy Among Women Living With HIV in Western Kenya: A Survey Study

Bernard, C., Jakait, B., Fadel, W.F., Mocello, A., Onono, M.A., Bukusi, E.A., Wools-Kaloustian, K.K., Cohen, C.R. and Patel, R.C. May 2022

Drug-releasing vaginal rings for HIV/STI and pregnancy prevention: a review of recent advances and clinical applications

Palanee-Phillips, T ; Baum, MM ; Moss, JA ; Clark, MR ; Nuttall, J ; and Romano, JW January 2022

Results of a phase 1, randomized, placebo-controlled first-in-human trial of griffithsin formulated in a carrageenan vaginal gel

Teleshova, N ; Keller, MJ ; Fernández Romero, JA ; Friedland, BA ; Creasy, GW ; Plagianos, MG ; Ray, L. ; Barnable, P ; Kizima, L ; Rodriguez, Aixa ; Cornejal, N ; Melo, C. ; Cruz Rodriguez, G ; Mukhopadhyay, S ; Calenda, G ; Sinkar, SU ; Bonnaire, T ; Wesenberg, A ; Zhang, S ; Kleinbeck, K ; Palmer, K ; Alami, M ; O’Keefe, BR ; Gillevet, P ; Hur, H ; Liang, Y ; Santone, G ; Fichorova, RN ; Kalir, T; Zydowsky, TM January 2022

Long-acting biodegradable implant for sustained delivery of antiretrovirals (ARVs) and hormones

Li, L., Gatto, G.J., Brand, R.M., Krovi, S.A., Cottrell, M.L., Norton, C., van der Straten, A. and Johnson, L.M. December 2021
Multipurpose prevention technologies: the future of HIV and STI protection

Multipurpose prevention technologies: the future of HIV and STI protection

Multipurpose prevention technologies: the future of HIV and STI protection July 2015 click to view Journal Article In this Journal Article: Health Risk(s): HIV STI / STD Unintended Pregnancy Product Type(s): MPTs Topic(s): MPTs Regulatory Issues

July 2015