Sheryl Verbitski, PhD
Program Manager

Dr. Sheryl Verbitski is a program manager at CAMI Health and for MATRIX’s Capacity, Strengthening and Engagement (CaSE) Fellowship Program, where she supports enhancing the capabilities and expertise of African research leaders in the field of HIV prevention for women. Holding a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Utah and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Maryland, Dr. Verbitski brings leadership experience spanning industry, academia, public health, and nonprofit sectors to the team.

Her skills include drug discovery, product and program development, university-level teaching, and management of scientific and public healthcare teams. She has a strong track record of effectively communicating subject matter expertise to diverse audiences, data-driven solutions, and building solid partnerships across government, academia, business, community-based organizations, and the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Verbitski is particularly passionate about organizations and initiatives that are dedicated to empowering the well-being and agency of women and girls, as well as championing health equity in underserved and marginalized communities. Her multidisciplinary experience, evidence-based innovations, and collaborative approach drive positive change in healthcare and research.

Sheryl lives in Colorado, where she spends her free time enjoying the great outdoors while hiking, skiing, or reading.