Meet the 2023 intern: Jason Trang

Hello readers! My name is Phat, but most people know me as Jason. As a fourth-year student studying Technology Information Management (TIM) at the University of California Santa Cruz, I’ve spent my academic journey immersed in the world of software, hardware, data, networks, finance, business, and even front-end web development. Today, I want to share a transformative experience that not only broadened my horizons but also challenged me to grow in unexpected ways – my involvement in the CITRIS program and my journey with PHI and CAMI Health.

Meet the 2021 interns: Madison Langrin

I figured out relatively early on that the female experience was deeply interesting to me. Attending an all-girls high school likely played a large role in this realization, as here women were clearly the focus of everything from the novels we read to the sports teams and even in theater where girls often took on the traditionally male roles in the shows. Throughout the four years I spent at my high school, I gained an unrivaled sense of pride in my identity as a woman that has and continues to shape my experiences heavily. 

Meet the 2021 interns: Hannah Rubens

Hello! My name is Hannah Rubens, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support CAMI Health as a Public Health Intern this summer. I have recently completed my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Science, and, over the course of my experience at Santa Clara University, have grown most excited about the potential of the public health field to mitigate health inequities through a systems-level approach.