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Medicines Patent Pool: Long-Acting Therapeutics

Medicines Patent Pool: Long-Acting Therapeutics

The field of long-acting (LA) therapeutics is emerging as the next frontier for healthcare management. By offering sustained and controlled release of medicines, LA technologies make it easier to achieve optimal dosing targets with less frequent administrations of treatment, thus offering support for smoother condition management. To date, LMICs tend to lag behind when it comes to access to new health solutions, and the Medicines Patent Pool is putting efforts to reduce that lag as much as possible, in collaboration with key stakeholders.

December 2021

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Medicines Patent Pool: Long-Acting Therapeutics

December 2021
In this Technical Brief:
Product Type(s):

  • Long-Acting Therapeutics

  • Expanding Access to Long-acting Therapeutics in LMICs

  • United States, L/MICs

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Medicines Patent Pool

Authors: Lobna Gaayeb, Long-Acting Technologies Project Manager

Health Risks(s):

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • Malaria

Product type(s):

  • Injectables
  • MPTs


  • MPTs
  • Development
  • Trials


  • Global

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