MPT Mini Video Series

The IMPT introduces its MPT Mini Video Series, a new audiovisual project aimed to raise awareness about MPTs and bring digestible bits of the MPT story to your fingertips. The series kicks off with an introduction to the first-ever MPT in “King Minos & the First Condom.” In the second video, “If I Could Talk to the Scientists…”, we hear first-hand from health professionals at Wits RHI on the potential of MPTs to improve sexual and reproductive health. Stay tuned for upcoming videos in the series bringing you more voices from women around the world.

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MPTs for a Better World - Video

MPTs for a Better World – Video

To help raise the visibility of this groundbreaking field, the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies has created the video “MPTs for a Better World,” that aims to inform policymakers, the public and the media about MPTs. The video makes the point that reducing the incidence of unintended pregnancy, HIV and STIs is a public health imperative, and it introduces viewers to the innovative collaboration that is working to develop new technologies that better address women’s concerns and life circumstances.

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