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It remains unacceptable that women and girls worldwide continue to confront preventable sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, as well as face high rates of unintended pregnancies. It is unacceptable that advocates, scientists, and politicians still need to convince people that investing in, innovating around, and creating a supportive policy environment for women’s health is […]

Happy Holidays from the IMPT Secretariat!

Dear Friends, As a budding public health researcher over 25 years ago, I had the privilege of living and working with young women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom were forced to leave school due to marriage and pregnancies at an early age, often as young as 13 years old. I saw firsthand […]

Get Involved and Help Us Make MPTs a Reality!

Imagine a world where women have the tools they need to protect themselves from HIV, other STIs, and unintended pregnancy simultaneously; empowering them to achieve their full social, educational, and economic potential. Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) — an innovative class of products delivering varied combinations of HIV prevention, other STI prevention, and contraception — will […]