Meet the 2023 intern: Jason Trang

Author: Jason (Phat) Trang

Hello readers! My name is Phat, but most people know me as Jason. As a fourth-year student studying Technology Information Management (TIM) at the University of California Santa Cruz, I’ve spent my academic journey immersed in the world of software, hardware, data, networks, finance, business, and even front-end web development. Today, I want to share a transformative experience that not only broadened my horizons but also challenged me to grow in unexpected ways – my involvement in the CITRIS program and my journey with PHI and CAMI Health.

The Quest for Opportunity:

Throughout my college years, one of my most significant challenges was finding opportunities that would showcase my capabilities and prove my proficiency in my field of study. I yearned to demonstrate my diligence, efficiency, and knowledge to both myself and others. Little did I know that a turning point was just around the corner, waiting to reshape my college experience.


Enter CITRIS, PHI, and CAMI Health:

My perspective shifted when I was accepted into the CITRIS program, which acted as the bridge connecting me to PHI (Public Health Institute) and CAMI Health. Suddenly, my world of technology information management intersected with a realm I had little exposure to: women’s health. The intersection, however, turned out to be an incredibly rewarding one.


Learning and Growing:

During my time with CAMI Health, I delved into the intricacies of women’s health – a subject I was not well-versed in prior to this experience. It was eye-opening to learn about contraceptives, STD prevention strategies, and the intricate behind-the-scenes processes involved in the development of medical products. Here are some of the valuable lessons and skills I gained:


Contributing to Story Mapping: I actively observed the creation of a story map that highlighted the sexual and reproductive health needs of women and girls in Kenya. This experience opened my eyes to the realities faced by different communities and deepened my understanding of the importance of accessible healthcare.


Database Creation and Management: I assisted in establishing databases and managed qualitative data collection processes. This hands-on involvement strengthened my data management skills and showed me the critical role data plays in shaping healthcare strategies.


Community Engagement: I developed strategies to enhance community engagement, realizing the significance of involving communities in shaping their healthcare solutions. This exposure taught me the power of collaboration and shared decision-making.


Efficient Data Management: I maintained databases and listservs, understanding the importance of organized data for effective decision-making. This skill has proven valuable not only in my work with CAMI Health but also in my academic pursuits.


Leadership and Project Management: Through this experience, I honed my leadership and project management skills. Taking charge of tasks and coordinating with team members allowed me to step into a leadership role, boosting my confidence and ability to lead projects effectively.



My journey from a technology-focused student to an advocate for women’s health has been nothing short of transformative. The intersection of my TIM background with the world of healthcare has widened my perspective, enriched my skill set, and broadened my understanding of the interconnectedness of different fields. As I continue my studies and embark on new ventures, I am filled with gratitude for the CITRIS program, PHI, and CAMI Health for providing me with an opportunity to prove my capabilities and contribute to a cause greater than myself.

This experience has taught me that our paths are often guided by unexpected opportunities, and it’s our willingness to embrace them that shapes our growth and journey. So, here’s to embracing the unexpected, challenging our comfort zones, and finding new ways to make a positive impact on the world around us.