“It’s all in a decade’s work”: A Ten-Year Retrospective Report on the IMPT
Critical next steps

As the IMPT looks toward the next ten years, we remain steadfast in our commitment to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health approaches for women around the world, and the promise of MPTs. For MPTs to reach their full potential, the IMPT remains committed to continued collaboration in order to galvanize new support and leverage additional resources for appropriate, high-impact MPT investments. This includes:

Engaging with new technical partners.

Making the IMPT more visible through informal outlets, building credibility and consistency in the field, and attracting new partners.

Integrating the work of researchers who are developing standalone contraceptive and sexually transmitted infection solutions.

In this way, the IMPT can connect with leaders in corresponding fields, request to share input, and collaborate on ways to join forces across disciplines.

Centering the end-user.

As a founding principle for the IMPT was ensuring that the end-user remained at the center of MPT product R&D, the network will remain committed to elevating project work in this space.

Rigorous standards to guide product investment decisions.

Of the over two dozen MPTs in development, the majority are in pre-clinical or early-stage development. Given limited resources and the high cost of clinical trials, rigorous standards to guide investment decisions with end-user perspectives can help ensure that the MPTs with highest potential impact can continue through the product development pipeline and into the hands of women.

Hosting a platform for ongoing funder collaborations.

Including facilitating strategic go/no go decisions for products in the MPT pipeline.

Continually working to raise sufficient funding.

Support continued growth within the MPT field, as well as a sustainable IMPT network, given the long time-horizon required for product development.

Highlighting the value the IMPT adds to the MPT field.

Given the IMPT’s ability to connect collaborators from all over the world in an effort to advance MPTs using the learning network concept. As described above, the IMPT’s current methods of getting the word out about MPTs consistently shows the progression of MPT R&D, and how public perception of MPTs is evolving. Continued collaborations will help to continually promote the upward growth of the field, and as more people join the effort, the greater the value output becomes.