“It’s all in a decade’s work”: A Ten-Year Retrospective Report on the IMPT
Increase collaboration and resources across disciplines

Substantial collaboration, particularly across disciplines, will be needed to bring this new class of products forward. Scientists, developers, and advocates will need to draw on relevant research findings from across disciplines. Researchers will need to work with end-users and health providers to ensure that emerging products truly reflect stakeholders’ needs. Nongovernmental organizations, funders, industry groups, and regulatory authorities will need to work together to address regulatory approvals, manufacturability, supply, and plans for market access. –Excerpt from “Saving Lives” brief, 2010.

The IMPT was established to bridge existing silos in a wide range of relevant disciplines including HIV and other STI prevention and contraception, as well as to unite experts from pre-clinical research, product development, socio-behavioral and market research, policymaking, funding, and advocacy around the shared goal of advancing the development of MPTs. What started as a small core group has grown to be a vast global network over the past ten years. Having evolved from a model based on a ‘collective impact’ approach into a full ‘learning network,’ collaborations have varied over the years in order to best meet current demands from the field. From high level working groups to now more specific ad hoc task groups focused on specific technical issues–the operational thrust of the IMPT has remained cross-disciplinary collaboration.

At its founding in 2009, the IMPT’s first task was to determine if the MPT concept was technically feasible. To do so, the IMPT Secretariat formed the first IMPT network sub-group: the Scientific Agenda Working Group (SAWG) comprised of technical experts from across various fields. Over thirty members contributed to a series of meetings that, in the end, reached consensus that the development of MPTs, despite its challenges, was scientifically feasible.

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Over the past ten years continuous funding support for the IMPT Secretariat has included: USAID, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Mary Wohlford Foundation, along with several individual donors. From 2013-2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also funded Secretariat work.

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