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Need MPT-related images, slides, talking points, or other collateral to include in your communications and advocacy efforts? The IMPT’s template PowerPoint slide deck, fact sheets, and other collateral are available to download below for your use.

PowerPoint Template

MPTs & the IMPT Platform MPTs & the IMPT Platform
The MPTs & the IMPT Platform is a PowerPoint presentation created by CAMI Health to help our colleagues integrate MPTs into their talks and presentations.
Presentation CAMI Health Jan 2019
MPT Investment Case Slide Deck MPT Investment Case Slide Deck
This slide deck is intended to be used by product developers, current MPT funders, and others working in the MPT space to “make the case” for investing in MPTs. The slides can be used as a complete presentation or select slides can be used within presentations being developed for different audiences. Please credit source as IMPT Secretariat or www.theIMPT.org .
Presentation CAMI Health Dec 2019

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Outreach Materials

MPTs for Reproductive Health MPTs for Reproductive Health
This factsheet on Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) for Reproductive Health provides information on the need for MPTs and describes MPT products currently in development.
Factsheet / Outreach Material 2019
MPT Target Population Identification Mapping Tool MPT Target Population Identification Mapping Tool
This interactive map illustrates the overlap in HIV prevalence in women, the total addressable market for contraception, as well as the contraceptive method mix in select African countries.
Factsheet / Outreach Material 2019
Infographic – MPTs Combine Prevention Infographic – MPTs Combine Prevention
MPTs are sexual and reproductive health products in development that can simultaneously prevent unplanned pregnancy, HIV and other STIs. This infographic illustrates the sheer array of health and social benefits of MPTs.
Factsheet / Outreach Material CAMI Health Oct 2015
Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs): Innovation to Protect Women's Reproductive Health in South Africa. Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs): Innovation to Protect Women's Reproductive Health in South Africa.
This downloadable fact sheet and supporting messaging framework were developed to support advocates in South Africa as they raise awareness and build support for multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) for sexual and reproductive health in South Africa.
Factsheet / Outreach Material CAMI Health, PATH 2014

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