Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT)
IMPT Network

Network of Experts (NoE)

The IMPT’s Network of Experts (NoE) is a multidisciplinary, international group of experts working in sexual and reproductive health. NoE members are committed to making MPTs a reality, and through the IMPT have access to an assortment of news and resources.

  • Provide updates about key field-relevant meetings and conferences, and often collaborate around these events.
  • Discuss the latest projects, activities, and other field-relevant news.
  • Are often invited to participate in webinar updates and share field expertise. Members may also contribute to other IMPT-related activities outside of the NoE, through serving as a panelist or discussant for a technical webinar, providing consult for a specific project, among other examples. Moreover, collaboration with the IMPT as well as between external partners is encouraged as part of the NoE.

Share your passions to advance the comprehensive sexual and reproductive health of women and girls with our global network. Become a member of the IMPT NoE today!

Supporting agency collaborations

The MPT Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC) was established in 2014 as a mechanism for funders interested in or currently supporting the MPT field to collaborate, facilitated by the IMPT Secretariat’s strategic guidance and logistics management. The SACC functions to optimize MPT funding and enable meaningful exchanges between funders for efficient and complementary MPT development. The IMPT Secretariat worked with SACC co-chairs throughout 2017 to refine and accelerate action around the MPT SACC agenda. Consistent with efforts to expand MPT innovation and support for the field, the IMPT Secretariat also works to engage new potential MPT supporters in the SACC.

Engaging new MPT R&D partners

MPT R&D partner To foster continued innovation and diversity in the MPT product development pipeline, the IMPT Secretariat works to engage R&D stakeholders who are potentially new to the MPT field and to provide them with information and technical resources. To this end, in 2017, the IMPT Secretariat conducted targeted outreach with over 100 new contacts and existing partners, and developed new resources tailored to this audience, including a two-page brief on MPT R&D resources and a technical webinar series.