Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC)

The Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC) plays a critical role in facilitating the progress of the MPT field and is comprised of agencies that support the MPT field. The SACC aims to lead the complex effort of fostering an environment that facilitates funder collaboration to optimize limited resources, minimize duplication of effort, and address field-wide gaps and challenges for MPT development. The SACC is facilitated by the IMPT Secretariat’s strategic guidance and logistics management.

In April 2014, the SACC held the first in person MPT Supporting Agency Collaboration Planning Meeting to discuss potential frameworks and mechanisms for its operations. Click here to review the executive summary from that meeting.


SACC Co-Chairs:

Jonathan Glock (NIH/NIAID)
Elizabeth Russell (USAID OHA)
Kevin Peine (USAID PRH)


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